Beat Mixing Service

Beat Mixing & Mastering Service 

Producers! Take your beats to the next level with a professional mix and master from multi-platinum producer U-Dub!

How it works:

  1. Select the number of beats you want mixed and mastered in the Paypal menu below and place your order.
  2. Export your beat(s) into individual .WAV stem files and throw them in a .zip.
  3. Send the .zip and your rough MP3 mix for each beat to (we recommend sending the files via google drive or
  4. We will contact you via e-mail with an update or if we have any questions (if you have special instructions, now is a good time to share)
  5. You will receive high quality stereo .WAV master files of your beats! Please allow 3-5 business days to complete your order.

What to expect:

  1. Your levels will be checked and EQ’d as necessary to insure the cleanest mix possible.
  2. If necessary, your beat will be conformed to fit an industry standard song structure (intro, hook, and verse, outro…)
  3. Your beat will be run through a master chain consisting of industry standard Stereo Imaging, EQ, and Maximizing – so your beat can reach its full potential sonically.

Your beats will be more professional, sound cleaner, and hit harder – satisfaction guaranteed! Any questions feel free to email

Beat Mixing & Mastering Options
(Special Instructions):




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