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Only Fire Beats

Expand your audience and widen your exposure with beats you can’t find anywhere else.

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When inspiration hits you, run with it! Download links to the tagless beats are sent to your email instantly after purchase.

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All transactions are handled through Paypal, the easiest, safest, and mostly widely used payment platform online.

NY Beats For Artists Everywhere

NY Bangers, LLC is a hip hop music production company that specializes in producing the realest east coast rap beats available on the market. Whether you’re looking for instrumentals with that classic Golden Era flavor, or the next radio smash hit of tomorrow, we’ve got that heat.

Fresh production for your next single, mixtape, or album is just a click away in the Official NY Bangers Instant Beat Store. You can even download demo tracks before buying the beats to see if you catch a vibe during the writing process.

Bulk discounts are always available, and special coupon codes are frequently offered to mailing list subscribers. Upon checkout, tagless beats are delivered instantly to your email address – which means zero wait time! Thanks for stopping by, we hope you enjoy the music, and please don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions or inquiries.

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